Weight Management

Disease Management and Prevention Dietitians can help you with weight management.

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An imbalance of calories taken in versus calories burned through physical activity may be an influence on your weight, however obesity can also be affected by family history, medications, environment, and numerous other physical conditions.  Weight management is a very complex issue and it is important to consult medical experts for the best way to reach goals. 

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Many have found long-term success by working with a registered dietitian nutritionist. Research shows that at least two sessions per month with an RDN lead to successful weight loss and at least one session per month for weight loss maintenance. Because no two people are alike, approaches to weight loss must be tailored to each person. An RDN can do this for you — she or he will create a plan based on your medical history, lifestyle and food preferences. Together, you can explore how your habits, emotions and environmental cues affect how you eat.”