You have a right to be well, but how do you reach that state

22 Dec, 2020

Over the course of COVID-19 I have often used the phrase BE WELL when I thank someone or sign off of a conversation.  It’s a good phrase to use anytime. We know that there are many pillars to wellness, and I will start with one of Hippocrates many quotes, “Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”

It is important to eat well.  Here are 3 tips for eating well:

  • Eat early- the body needs fuel to break the fast.  Breakfast starts the body burning calories and helps the body function well throughout the day,
  • Eat often – energy levels will stay at a better level when the body has fuel intake every few hours.  Three meals and three snacks each day is a good way to control appetite and keep the body functioning at an optimal level.
  • Eat enough – cutting back on calories below the body’s requirements can cause metabolism to tank and ultimately the body will gain weight.  It’s a very complex issue and putting the body through unnecessary restriction will not help.

Many of us race through our days without taking time to eat breakfast, refuel with healthy snacks and finally limiting our calorie intake.  If that is your life you are on a crash course with disease, fatigue and negative outcomes.  

Take charge of your right to be well and do it today!  Have a great breakfast because your body deserves to be fueled.  Don’t stop there!  Enjoy a mid-morning snack, and lunch and an afternoon snack, dinner and an evening snack.  You may be surprised to find that eating more often gives a boost in your energy level, boosts metabolism, and helps to reach a healthy weight.

Be Well!